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The Sidecar Guide (Book I) and The Sidecar Technical Guide (Book II) are available for order

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The Sidecar Guide contains everything for the sidecar rider, new or experienced, with sections on riding skills, sidecar setup, issues and solutions for handling problems, sidecar selection, accessories, care and maintenance, and much more.
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The Sidecar Technical Guide is for the sidecar builder, it contains the sidecar setup section as well, but also full technical details on how to design and build your own sidecar along with subframe design and construction with plans and diagrams. Everything about sidecar construction you need to build or modify your own outfit. The sidecar building book.
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Review by Roger Newark:
"My 3WB books arrived earlier this week. I've read the "Guide", and am about to start the "Technical Guide". Despite having ridden outfits since 1961, built a couple, had two professionally built, there is a wealth of knowledge in the two volumes that I am picking up on. Plus, Rod has confirmed my thoughts on various aspects of set up, but didn't know if I was mistaken or not. All in all, these two volumes are filling a gap for us sidecarists that was long overdue."

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Thank you so much for your interest in these books. Without all the support and advice from 3WB fans, it would not have been possible.

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The Sidecar Guide (Book I) What's inside?

Why a sidecar?
Choosing an outfit
Buying used
Choosing a bike to fit a sidecar to
2WD + Urals
Driving an outfit (safety, best practice when learning etc) Diagrams of course and exercises
The first ride
Flying the chair
Pushing / basic handling etc.
Advanced driving
Disabled use (expert contributor)
New sidecar riders (sidecar newbie contributor)
Dogs in Sidecars (expert contributor)
Children in sidecars
Travelling and camping
Optional extras seatbelts, batteries, charging, lights, fuel tanks & cans
Handling with/out load differences
Braked sidecar / unbraked differences and tech.
Legal issues
What not to do, bad setup, poor fittings etc.
Tyres and wheels
Steering dampers
Steering modifications (Leading links etc)
Theft & Security
Full setup and fitting guide
Setup /driving issues with troubleshooting table.
Glossary of terms

Exact content may change slightly prior to publication

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The Sidecar Technical Guide (Book II) What's inside?

Some of the headings below are the same as in Book I, but they are discussed in much greater depth with technical details.

Steering mods
Sidecar brake
Subframes - design and fitting
Fitting and sidecar setup
Sidecar Building with frame plans
Leading Links, funny front ends, trail reduction
Modifying forks to work better
Brake upgrades

Exact content may change slightly prior to publication

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Introduction to The Sidecar Guide (Book I)

Welcome to Three Wheels Better, this book aims to provide accurate and useful information for everyone with an interest in sidecars. Whether you are looking at getting your very first sidecar, building your own sidecar, working on your existing sidecar, or just wanting to learn more about them and how to ride better, there is something here for you.

This is Book I; Book II is all about sidecar construction, it contains a wealth of more technical information for those of you that wish to build your own sidecar outfit or adapt and change an existing one. The information in this book covers everything for people new to sidecars plus lots more for existing owners that wish to gain a greater understanding, including the technical aspects of setup.

Three Wheels Better, previously known as Motopodd, was the name of my sidecar company in the UK which I founded and ran for 10 years. Since then, I have emigrated to Croatia, where the roads are sidecar heaven. I remain passionate about these idiosyncratic forms of transport. I have built an outfit here for my own use and continue to offer advice and assistance to sidecar riders everywhere.

Whilst there are many online resources for sidecar people on the internet, I felt that it would be useful to put all of my experience and the experience of others down in a book, which could become the go to reference for anyone with an interest in sidecars.

I have been riding bikes since I was 16 years old, and over the past 35 years I been a part of every motorcycle experience that is available, from road riding, long distance touring, off roading, racing, rallies, winter rallies, bike maintenance, building bikes, working in the bike industry in various roles and finally running my own sidecar company producing my own sidecars and outfits, developing fitting systems for difficult modern bikes and working towards the perfect setup. I am a qualified production and mechanical engineer.

I have been writing articles for the motorcycle press for many years. I live on the Dalmatian coast in Croatia with my wonderful partner Cheryl and far too many cats.

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