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3WB Sidecar Links

We are proud to support Right To Ride, promoters and protectors of motorcycling in Northern Ireland and throughout Europe. Trevor and Elaine who run the organisation are keen sidecar riders.

We like F2 Motorcycles Ltd, the UK's favourite sidecar dealer.

Simply Sidecars Fittings, Great place to buy your sidecar fittings (UK based)

We recommend Altberg Motorcycle Boots, properly made, lovely bike boots from Yorkshire.

We recommend Almax Security Bike Chains, to protect your new sidecar, these are so heavy they also make excellent sidecar ballast and are virtually un-breakable, unlike many well known brands.

We love The Riders Digest Magazine A truly legendary motorcycle magazine in the UK.

We recommend Davida helmets, goggles and clothing for use with your sidecar.

We found some great outdoor gear reviews at Outdoor Gear Reviews