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Welcome to 3WB

Three Wheels Better Sidecars publish motorcycle sidecar books (The Sidecar Guides) and offer help and advice to sidecar riders and sidecar builders worldwide.
If you are looking for technical advice concerning your sidecar outfit, you have come to the right place!

Sally from Australia recently wrote to me on completion of her new sidecar build:
Hey Rod
your book which I purchased late last year was brilliant when I was building my outfit.
It was so very useful each facet of the build I was able to refer to your book for guidance.
Congratulations for writing something that was easy to understand and use.

We also like to help with sidecar riding skills for new and experienced riders.
Our particular speciality is sidecar setup, eliminating problems like steering wobble and heavy steering.

3WB developed and produced the Motopodd sidecar and went on to design and construct a wide variety of different sidecars and outfits, some of which can be seen in the gallery.

We have many years of experience with riding and building sidecar outfits. Whilst we no longer build sidecars commercially, we continue to support the sidecar community. We do this by publishing books and developing new solutions for the setup and construction of sidecars.

We hope that through these activities we can help to promote the use of sidecars. 3WB want sidecar riders and outfit builders to achieve their goals!

If you are interested in sidecars, own one or are building one, please get in touch. We would love to hear from you.

We aim to publish further sidecar related books and are looking to launch a sidecar magazine in the future. Please get in contact if you would like to be involved with the sidecar magazine as a contributor.

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